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MEET the front of house team



Restaurant management is survival of the fittest - between wearing many hats, the pressure to wear them all well, and juggling what can seem like a thousand daily tasks. We are honored to have someone like Shelton stepping up and excelling at the task.


With Shelton leading the Hygge Hygge team, he takes notes and inspiration from a quote by XXX; "XXX".


Shelton's tenacity, passion and 'can do' attitude is where the ordinary becomes the extraordinary. Customer satisfaction is always at the forefront of his daily goals and he’s cultivating the customer-first culture in a positive manner.


it’s the small details—a creative garnish, a friendly waiter, the aroma of bread fresh out of the oven, a mixologist who makes your drink exactly the way you like it, that makes a big difference and that’s the Hygge way for us. Without Shelton upholding these small details, the Hygge culture that we aim to create would seize to exist.

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